What Clients say...

Tracy Hamann

Producer at Johnson Rauhoff

"I was so excited to finally get to work with Mira! Locations were perfect and the process was seamless. So thankful to have had Mira’s help finding the perfect spots for our photo shoot in Chicago."

Lynn Dangel Costello

Dangel Advertising, LLC / Executive Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Innovation Leadership

"I've known Mira Wolf for over 20 years and have watched her build her business from the bottom up. I've seen her tenacity, agility and positive attitude in spades. I've seen her build lasting relationships with photographers, producers, and directors, many of whom have come to think of her as family -- and return to collaborate with her again and again."

Marsie Wallach

Freelance Line Producer / Assistant Director

“Mira is always on top of finding the best possible location for a shoot; whether it is from her extensive collection of files or pounding the streets. She constantly gives 150%. Her website and photos are easily navigated, showcasing just what you've asked for. I always enjoy working with Mira.”

Pam Weitzman

Sr. Producer and Photo Coordinator at Schawk!

“It has been my pleasure to work with Mira on several projects over many years. All I need do is give her specifics and she has been able to secure the perfect location for my photo shoots. Not only does she find the locations, but her ability to work within my budgets has made both myself and my clients very happy. If you have any location needs I recommend that you utilize Mira's skills and knowledge to find that perfect place for your next project.”

Michael Neumann

Founder / Director / Camera ONE WORLD PRODUCTIONS

“Mira has helped us find some of the all time best locations in Chicago and the outlying areas. Its amazing the vast depth of her files and her ability to find more as needed. Thanks Mira for years of fine service.”

Eric Klein

Owner, Eric Klein Photography Inc.

"Mira has been my go to Chicago location scout for many years. She has a thorough knowledge of the Chicagoland area, has extensive files, and works well under pressure. I highly recommend her as an important part of the production team."

Jackie Ortiz

Graphic Designer / Life Fitness

"I've only worked with Mira for about 2 months, but in those two months she was very responsive, helpful and just a great person to work with. She was able to help us find a very distinct location that we wanted for a photoshoot and set us up quickly. The photoshoot turned out to be a huge success and I am very grateful that Mira was able to help us in such short notice. Thank you Mira for all your help!"

Tara Bajda

Marketing Operations At Scale Marketing

“Mira is my go-to scout for commercial locations. I call her first because she always delivers and works very hard to make sure she finds what I need. She is dependent and reliable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Mira and would describe her best as fast and friendly!!!”

Tracy Heropkie

Executive Producer / Mode project

“In my experience with Mira, I found her to be very responsive and a great communicator. Her years of experience have resulted in very extensive and thorough location files, yet she is willing to venture out to find the perfect location to fit your needs. She is friendly and has a great attitude. I recommend working with Mira!”

Monica Zaffarano

Commercial Advertising Producer

“Mira Wolf is a professional through and through. She's built her business from the ground up and has come recommended to me on many occasions and from several sources in both the photo and film world. This translates to me that she is a "go-to location scout" for many and very well respected. After such a long career, her files are very deep!!! As a result, I began working with her and I must agree. She's a CLASS act. She gives a fast turnaround, works her tail off and gets the job done!!! I give her the highest of recommendations to anybody seeking location services within’ Chicago and beyond.”

Josh Dreyfus

Josh Dreyfus Productions and Photography Specialist

“I have had the pleasure of using Mira Wolf's services numerous times over the past 10 years. Mira is very professional and extremely organized and time sensitive. Mira has wonderful files of both residential and commercial locations organized in an online digital format which my clients find easy to select from. I look forward to working with Mira on my future location projects.”

Ritch Wedeking

Executive Producer, Twitch Films, Inc. / Rascals & Rogues

“I have worked with Mira several time over the past years. Recently, I had a very last minute project with less than a week for the entire production. I called Mira and gave her a heads up that this project might happen. She was more than helpful and had a location pull ready to go before I even knew if the job was going to happen. She has wonderful locations at her fingertips and all my jobs have always gone smoothly.”

Deborah Fletcher

Owner, Deborah Fletcher Photography

“Mira Wolf is my first call when looking for a shoot location. She's always right on top of things, offering suggestions, and putting together great, appropriate pulls for us. She has a large selection of some really lovely locations all over Chicago and the burbs. Mira is awesome!!!”

Will Morel

Content Producer at R/GA

“Mira was extremely helpful and flexible with helping to source some AMAZING locations for a shoot in Chicago. I could not have done it without her. She is highly recommended!!!”

Dana Rossini

Owner, Dana Rossini Photography

“Mira got me exactly what I needed many times. She knows the area very well and understands your needs quickly. I always enjoy working with her.”

Roy Cummins

VP Sales at Pirrello Digital Imaging

“We have worked with Mira for the last ten years and she has always provided the best in class service and prompt attention to detail. I would highly recommend Mira Wolf for any of your upcoming location needs.”

Brett Froomer

Radical Media - Director

“Mira has it all; knowledge of the great locations that fit each board, personality that has translated into great relationships with property owners, and an understanding of schedules and budgets. Mira is my first call!”

Taylor Smith

Owner, Chief Creative Officer - THINK

“Mira has built an incredible network of high quality locations. Not sure why, but they all seem as friendly as she is. Thanx Mira! You make location scouting in Chicago easy!”

Susan Andrews

Owner/Photographer - Andrews & Braddy Studio

“I have worked with Mira for many years. Always a professional. Great files to pick from which she constantly updates. I would highly recommend her for any project. If she does not have it, SHE WILL FIND IT !!!"

Charlie Simokaitis

Founder of Groundfire Pictures

“Mira exudes confidence resulting from her many years of location scouting and management. She is extremely responsive, a great communicator, her files are well organized and very helpful. She is an asset to any film or still production!”

Todd Rosenberg

Owner, Todd Rosenberg Photography

“This is the simple fact. I use one location scout and it is Mira. There really isn't a need to look elsewhere. Mira has a fantastic library of housing from contemporary to classic. She has a wide range of office space and she is willing to do more research beyond what she has. Mira provides a great resource and at a very good rate.”

Kimber Leigh Nussbaum

Freelance Art Producer & Art Buyer

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Mira for almost 7 years now and she is a fantastic resource when it comes to production locations. Not only does she offer a handy website for individual perusal of her locations, I know that I can call on her with my specs and will then get a large variety of hand picked locations to share with my creative team. Her picks are always top notch!!! She is such a lovely woman, both personally and professionally. You are in very good hands when you engage her for her services. Mira Wolf is the top of her pack!!!”

Jerolyn Crist

Studio Manager At Pirrello Digital Imaging Chicago

“Mira has helped me find location sites for my clients over the last 10 years, and she has never disappointed! She has always gone above and beyond what was asked of her. She knows the Chicago market extremely well. She is thorough, professional, accessible, and fun to work with. She's willing to negotiate the many demands of a challenging client and that is priceless. She is a vital contact for any Commercial Photo/Video/Film project, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”